Composition, interpretation, performance, improvisation (CISI)


Directors : Giordano Ferrari, Philippe Michel,
Board : Christian Accaoui (lecturer, authorized to supervise research), Carmello Agnello (lecturer), Héloïse Demoz (Temporary Research Assistant), Giordano Ferrari (Professor), Philippe Michel (lecturer), Jean-Paul Olive (Professor), Alvaro Oviedo (lecturer), Yves Torchinsky (part-time docent)

CISI’s research is about written instrumental and vocal works ; works for the stage, musical drama and performances ; jazz and all types of improvised music. A differentiated approach to these various objects is indeed an established field of research which extends from the dynamic creative processes brought into play within the works, in the forms of musical « writing », to the manner in which these processes are incorporated into any kind of production : interpretation, improvised performance etc. It’s all about studying both the continuous and discontinuous aspects of (multiple, complex) musical modernity by working on a corpus including the very contemporary experiments as well as the founding works of this modernity, also on re-reading older works in the sense of their contribution to today’s world. Research dealing with the entire chain of artistic creation (composition, improvisation, interpretation, spatialization and/or staging), ours are essentially analytic and aesthetic methods ; they rely, according to the objects of study, upon rhetorics, hermeneutics, semeiotics, philosophy.