Research centre in informatics and musical creation (CICM)


Responsibles: Anne Sèdes, Alain Bonardi
Members: Alain Bonardi (MCF HDR), José Manuel López López (PAST), Anne Sedes (PR), Horacio Vaggione (Professeur émérite), João Svidzinski (ATER)
PhD students: Laurent Di Biase, Alexis Crawhshaw Story, Jean-François Ducher, David Fierro, Paul Goutmann, Clément Guitard, Adolfo Kaplan, Frédéric Le Bel, Raymi Morales, Jérémie Nicolas, Christina Papi, Daniel Picciola, Jorge Sancho, Sophia Vaillant, Christine Webster, Adrien Zanni

The CICM is the hosting structure of the Ph.D works focusing on new technologies in the music / musicology subject-matter. The team’s field of research is that of informatics and musical creation, having composition and research interact, and displaying research-creation methodologies in arts and technologies, with a strong project-orientation, illustrating training through research while integrating the younger researchers in collective research projects. Sound-spatialization, as well as mixed music forms, electro-acoustic and experimental music, intermedial configurations, or else the collaborative software creation dedicated to the musicians’ work-environments, are some of its main constituents, often connected to one another. Fields of research : musical informatics ; computer-aided musical composition ; digital musical writing and analysis techniques ; analysis, synthesis and digital sound processing ; work-production ; specialized software writing ; epistemology of contemporary musical creation, especially when new-tech connected ; sound spaces, spatialization, visualization, sonication, interactive arts, cyber-environments.

CICM’s website :