Creations and Interactions (C.ET.I)


Responsibles: Makis Solomos, Guillaume Loizillon
Members: Clara Biermann (MCF), Frédérick Duhautpas (MCF), Guillaume Gilles (MCF), Antonio Lai (MCF HDR), Guillaume Loizillon (MCF), Alexancre Pierrepont (MCF), Makis Solomos (PR),
PhD students: Adriana Benova, Silvia Belfiore, Florent Caron Darras, Anastasia Chernigina, Antoine Freychet, Ulysse Del Ghingaro, Gabriel Gendin, Kumiko Iseki, Sara Lehad, Jordi Tercero Bustamante, Malika Yessetova

This new team (2020) aims, while starting from artistic creation itself, at an on-site study of music (and dance) in the various contexts of their multiple environments. Backed with such resources as ecomusicology, feminist musicology, musicology of popular music, anthropology of art come up with in terms of innovation, C.ET.I is intent on initiating an “interactionist” approach putting forward art’s relationship to the world. We are seeking specifically to study how the various environments influence art’s modes of existence, how they contribute to fostering technical and technological processes equally prone to become autonomous extensions ; what we are also seeking is to emphasize the fact that art itself, in its turn, has a power of action over its environments, as it changes the capacities of listening and gazing and offers alternative worldviews. To begin with, the team will favour research focusing on four types of environment : soundscapes, milieux or atmospheres ; genre-, race-, class-intersections ; territories ; art’s ecosystems. It may later enrich its work by taking an interest in creation’s relationships to politics, history, sciences etc.