Dance, gesture and corporeality


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Responsibles: Mahalia Lassibille, Sylviane Pagès
Members: Isabelle Ginot (PR), Isabelle Launay (PR), Mahalia Lassibille (MCF), Sylviane Pagès (MCF), Julie Perrin (MCF HDR), Laurent Pichaud (PAST), Christine Roquet (MCF)
PhD students: Anne-Julie Côte, Françoise Davazoglou, Alice Gervais-Ragu, Marine Ghielmetti, Guilherme Hinz, Myrto Katsiki, Maëva Lamolière, Ledrein Marina, Polina Manko, Laurent Pichaud, Katharina Van Dyk
Post-doctorantes : Luar Escobar, Camille Paillet, Claire Vionnet

The organization of research in the Dance, gesture and corporeity team (formerly “Laboratory for the analysis of discourse and practice in dance”) is hinged on a dual axis : 1. History and aesthetics of the choreographic field ; 2. Critical approaches and anthropology of processes, practices and techniques. Its contributions are divided into several categories : history of XIXth - XXIst century dancing techniques and gestural practices, analysis of movement, analysis of choreographic works, analysis of reception, cultural and choreographic transfers, dance - society relationships. Engaged in dialogue with contemporary creation, with the artistic and political concerns of the professional scene as well as the various trends in dance-studies, the team focuses its research on the gesture itself, viewed from the dancers’ practical skills, and its linkage with the contexts where it is produced.