UR Musidanse - Université Paris 8

UR Musidanse - Université Paris 8

MUSIDANSE (Aesthetics, musicology, dance and music creation, E.A. 1572 [host team 1572]) is a research unit which includes researchers and faculty members from the Department of Music and Dance at University of Paris 8 mainly. The research programmes and activities of the unit aim largely at musical and choreographic creation, with a strong emphasis on diversifying methods and standpoints. The wide range of objects and the variety of approaches reflects the complexity of the present period and the place of music and dance in today’s world.

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Direction and Board

Director: Makis Solomos (Makis.Solomos@univ-paris8.fr)

Board: Alain Bonardi, Isabelle Ginot, Giordano Ferrari, Mahalia Lassibille, Guillaume Loizillon, Philippe Michel, Sylviane Pagès, Anne Sèdes, Makis Solomos

PhD students representatives

Ulysse Del Ghingaro, David Fierro, Antoine Freychet, Paul Goutmann, Guilherme Hinz, Maeva Lamoliere, Simon Marsan, Jérémie Nicolas, Jordi Tercero, Malika Yessetova